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Yellow Tea

Yellow tea has a long history, with written records began in the Western Han Dynasty of China more than 2,200 years ago. From ancient times to the present, the classification methods have changed with time and have redefined yellow tea in different periods. For example, the earliest concept of yellow tea in historical records refers to the growth of yellow leaf buds on the tea tree, not the color of its body. Yellow tea is produced in Anhui, Hubei and Hunan, China, among which Yueyang, Hunan is known as the hometown of yellow tea. According to the freshness of the leaf buds, yellow tea is divided into yellow big tea, yellow little tea and yellow buds.

The color of yellow tea leaves is golden and bright, and the tea body is clear apricot yellow. The taste is sweet and refreshing.

Anhui Yellow Tea

Anhui Yellow Tea

Exclusively produced and sold by LockCha, the Anhui Yellow Tea is made from wild tea leave...HKD $120.00 / 75g
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