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LockCha Cold Brew Tea

As the name suggests, cold brew tea is tea brewed with cold water, which can reduce the release of bitter and astringent caffeine, theophylline and catechins (also known as tea tannins). In addition, although cold brewing of tea requires a longer brewing time (ranging from an hour to eight hours), long-term low-temperature steeping helps the tea to dissolve more amino acids, making the tea sweeter and more delicious. Since the process and skills required for making cold tea are more straightforward and simpler than traditional hot water brewing, the public is increasingly making cold tea or buying ready-made bottled tea. However, brewing the perfect cold brew tea still requires some knowledge and techniques. The choice of tea, the mastery of the ingredients and steps will determine the final taste of the cold brewed tea.

100% No Additives

Most of the ubiquitous bottled teas on the market today contain colorings and additives, which not only affect the natural mellow taste of the tea itself, but are also harmful to your body. In view of this, LockCha, which has promoted high-quality tea drinking culture for more than 30 years, decided to innovate, starting from selecting tea types, formulating steeping procedures and designing cold brew tea bottles, so that the public can experience a first-class cold brew tea.

The Tea

It is important to know that not all teas are suitable for cold brewing - some are too bitter and some lack in aroma no matter how long you brew them. The tea used by LockCha are carefully selected by our founder, Mr. Ip Wing-chi, and his professional team, to give everyone the greatest enjoyment when brewed in cold water. LockCha Cold Brew Tea and refill

A Special Bottle

Our reusable Cold Brew Tea bottle is another breakthrough in making a fresh, delicious cold brew tea. A custom clip is added just beneth the lid to hold the tea bag. Making a brew is simply clipping a tea bag and flipping the bottle to to brew. Once brewed, the clip hangs the tea bag to avoid prolonged soaking of tea, and hence keeping the flavour at its peak. Simply swap another tea bag from our refill pack to make another brew.

The resusable LockCha Cold Brew Tea bottle

The History of Cold Brew Tea

It is said that China's western Hunan, Yunnan, Bayu, and Zhejiang provinces have long used cold water to make tea. In addition, Asian countries and regions with a profound tea art culture have gradually formed their own cold tea culture over time. For example, "Mizudashicha" is the Japanese name for cold brewed tea; in Korea, cold brewed tea is part of people's daily life - almost every family has a specific tea bottle for making cold brewed tea.

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