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Cold Brew Tea Refill Pack - Honey Red Tea package
Cold Brew Tea Refill Pack - Honey Red Tea teabags
Cold Brew Tea Refill Pack - Honey Red Tea leaves
Cold Brew Tea Refill Pack - Honey Red Tea body

Cold Brew Tea Refill Pack - Honey Red Tea

Like the Oriental Beauty, the unique fragrance of Honey Red Tea is made thanks to a kind of insects called "little green leafhoppers" (tea jassid). Once bitten, the tea leaves would curl and stop growing, and produce a unique aromatic substance that could the leafhoppers' natural enemies. The honey-flavoured black tea is more aromatic and mellow after being fully fermented and roasted, which brings a new experience of red tea. LockCha Honey Red Tea Cold Brew Tea refills are specially designed for LockCha Cold Brew Tea bottle. It comes in a pack of five teabags each with a special tea holder for cold brewing. The tea bag can be replaced with a simple swap which lets you to easily enjoy pure cold brewed tea anytime, anywhere.

LockCha Honey Red Tea has a clear ruddy body, with unique honey and peach flavours. It is a sweet and smooth drink, and it is great served either hot or cold.

Product Details

  • Production Region: Fuding, Fujian
  • Brewing temperature: 10-30Β°C
  • Brewing duration: 240+ seconds
HKD $45.00
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