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6 kinds of Chinese tea with LockCha

Delightful Chinese tea for your cup

Tea is ubiquitous in China, but good tea is rare. At LockCha, we search and serve good delightful Chinese tea for your cup.

LockCha has been passionate about its mission to search in remote areas to find the finest teas. Our philosophy for good tea is simple: delicious, healthy, authentic, and worth the money. From the plantation, the environment, the climate and the dedication of the tea farmers to our processing and packaging, we take every step in ensuring that our teas are of the uncompromising quality and bring you the greatest enjoyment.

Delightful Chinese tea for your cup

The best teahouse in Hong Kong

Our teahouses are rated by local and international media as the gems of Hong Kong.

Selected by the American Express Essentials as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world, our Admiralty Tea House is a full-service restaurant featuring all-vegetarian dim sum and a great selection of LockCha’s tea.

Our latest addition, the Central Tea House, hosted in the former Central Police compound is a playful mix between the East and the West - where our proudly brewed LockCha beers are served.

Our Té Bottega by LockCha at Mei Foo is a teahouse and art gallery combined. It is committed to educate and promote Chinese tea and art with periodic exhibitions and tea classes run throughout the year.

The best teahouse in Hong Kong

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