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Lapsang Souchong leaves
Lapsang Souchong in a scoop
Lapsang Souchong leaf
Lapsang Souchong body
Lapsang Souchong packaging box

Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong is native to Tongmu Pass, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian. Tongmu is located next to Huanggang Mountain, the highest peak in Wuyi, where it is always cold. So the locals typically use pine wood as fuel, giving Lapsang Souchong a unique, slightly smoky fragrance. The smoky taste is different from the imitations nearby and hence given the name “Zhengshan” (original). The smoking process is also unique, with tea farmers designed a special building where pine wood is burnt underneath with heat and smoke being distributed throughout the house through the cracks of the bricks, creating a perfect, well-surrounded environment for fermentation and drying.

LockCha Lapsang Souchong has a typical red tea appearance with its bright orange body and a mellow taste, but it surprises with the sweetness and aroma of longan and its smoky taste thanks to its unique process of making, which is very attractive. It is a great tea to pair with cheese and meat.

Product Details

  • Tea Category: Red TeaRed Tea
  • Production Region: Tongmuguan, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, China
  • Net weight: 50g
  • Brewing temperature: 95-100°C
  • Brewing duration: 60-180 seconds
HKD $190.00
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