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Old-taste Oolong leaves
Old-taste Oolong in a scoop
Old-taste Oolong leaf
Old-taste Oolong body
Old-taste Oolong packaging box

Old-taste Oolong

It is said that Oolong was introduced to Taiwan from Fujian Province of China more than 200 years ago. Because the local climate is suitable and the land is fertile, Taiwan was soon producing large amount of quality Oolong. Unfortunately in recent years, some tea farmers have neglected the overall flavour of the tea in order to pursue stronger aroma and lighter oxidation. LockCha’s “old-taste” oolong aims to preserve the traditional Taiwanese Oolong by using ancient methods to process the tea. Oxidized and twisted in the traditional ways and then slowly baked for 10 hours, this Oolong truly brings out the freshness of Taiwanese tea.

LockCha Old-taste Oolong has a clear and light yellow body with deep fruity aroma, rich flavour. It tastes the freshness of Taiwanese tea and has a long and delicate aftertaste.

Product Details

  • Tea Category: Greenish Tea - TaiwanGreenish Tea - Taiwan
  • Production Region: Taiwan
  • Net weight: 75g
  • Brewing temperature: 80-95°C
  • Brewing duration: 15-60 seconds
HKD $220.00
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