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Phoenix Oolong (Iris & Orchid Fragrance) leaves
Phoenix Oolong (Iris & Orchid Fragrance) in a scoop
Phoenix Oolong (Iris & Orchid Fragrance) leaf
Phoenix Oolong (Iris & Orchid Fragrance) body
Phoenix Oolong (Iris & Orchid Fragrance) packaging box

Phoenix Oolong (Iris & Orchid Fragrance)

The phoenix oolong is both fragrant and sweet. Like flowers and fruits but better than flowers and fruits. Old folk tale has it that the Emperor of the Song Dynasty went to Phoenix Mountain when he fled south. One day, his thirst was unbearable, so the servants picked some pointed leaves from the mountain and cooked them into tea. The Emperor was delighted by its fragrance and the tea became widely planted after.

LockCha Phoenix Oolong (Iris & Orchid Fragrance) has an aroma that is like freshly ripe guava, fruity, fresh, and sweet, but does not overshadow the tea. It is subtle and pleasant as an old-tree tea (people like to call it having “mountain rhyme”). A mellow beginning but a strong, sweet, long-lasting finish.

Product Details

  • Tea Category: Greenish Tea - GuangdongGreenish Tea - Guangdong
  • Production Region: Fenghuangzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Net weight: 50g
  • Brewing temperature: 80-95°C
  • Brewing duration: 15-60 seconds
HKD $250.00
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