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Organic Misty Cloud Tea leaves
Organic Misty Cloud Tea in a scoop
Organic Misty Cloud Tea leaf
Organic Misty Cloud Tea body
Organic Misty Cloud Tea packaging box

Organic Misty Cloud Tea

Misty Cloud Tea has been regarded as a tribute since the Tang Dynasty. This tea is named after being produced in the mountains and foggy clouds of Nanyue, China. It was also called Yueshan tea in ancient times. Misty Cloud Tea is mainly grown in areas such as Guangji Temple, Tiefo Temple and Huagai Peak at an altitude of 800 to 1,100 meters. The climate here is mild and humid, and the soil is rich in organic matter, which is very suitable for the growth of tea. In addition, due to the cool and foggy climate of the mountains and the short time of direct sunlight, the cloudy tea leaves are thick, mellow and foam resistant, and contain more tannins and vitamins.

LockCha Organic Misty Cloud Tea has light yellow body and is refreshing and delicate. When brewed with lukewarm water, it has a unique unami note and chicken broth taste.

Product Details

  • Tea Category: Green TeaGreen Tea
  • Production Region: Zhejiang, China
  • Net weight: 75g
  • Brewing temperature: 40-75°C
  • Brewing duration: 120+ seconds
HKD $170.00
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