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Hunan Black Tea Pillar leaves
Hunan Black Tea Pillar in a scoop
Hunan Black Tea Pillar leaf
Hunan Black Tea Pillar body
Hunan Black Tea Pillar packaging box

Hunan Black Tea Pillar

Hunan Dark Tea Pillar (or thousand taels tea) is a traditional famous tea in Anhua. It is named after each tea pillar weighs exactly 1,000 taels. The production of Hunan Dark Tea Pillar has a history of more than a thousand years, and its craftsmanship has been included in China's Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Early production like the one in the Forbidden City has become a priceless treasure. Hunan Dark Tea Pillar is processed into “Heimao” tea with a unique process of fixing and drying under an open flame, and then shaped by a fully hand-made process. It is fermented and dried under natural conditions to form its unique quality and flavour.

LockCha Hunan Black Tea Pillar is aged in Hong Kong. The body is orange-red and has a pine-smoked fragrance. The start is mellow and sweet, with a pure aftertaste, leaving a burst of aged fragrance in the mouth.

Product Details

  • Tea Category: Dark TeaDark Tea
  • Production Region: Anhua County, Hunan Province, China
  • Net weight: 25g
  • Brewing temperature: 95-100°C
  • Brewing duration: 60-180 seconds
HKD $360.00
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