LockCha was established in 1991 under the name “Lock Cha Tea Shop” as a small tea retail shop in Shatin, Hong Kong and was soon to establish its name in providing good quality tea and service to the community. As at that time, most of the traditional tea shops were basically controlled by Chaozhou (Swatow) people who imported their teas from the China national import and export corporations, which was an average tea blended to different grades, and then they re-roasted them in Hong Kong. However, it was far from satisfaction for tea lovers and connoisseurs. Lock Cha Tea Shop aimed to provide teas directly from the tea farmers and selected tea carefully under the personal supervision of its founder, Mr. Ip Wing-chi. Its unblended, pure, single-harvest, estate tea concept gained the recognition of the customers and developed rapidly. Today, LockCha sells tea and tea-wares to Japan, United State, United Kingdom, China and Taiwan.

Lock Cha Tea Shop is basically a local retail tea shop for the past years. Mr. Ip Wing-chi travels frequently in Chinese tea production bases and has developed very good relationship with tea sources. The shop mainly supplies premium to above average level of different kinds of Chinese tea which may fully represent the splendid array of the art and enjoyment of it. The product covers all “six + one” categories of Chinese tea, namely, green, red, greenish, white, yellow, black and re-processed tea which come from Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Yunnan and Guangdong provinces.

LockCha has gone through various development stages in its almost twenty-years in making. In 1999, the company has established an export base in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province for packing and quality monitoring. The company has put more resources in the year 2000, in order to improve its service of export, and to increase its importance in its business development. In 2003, LockCha opened its tea house in the Hong Kong Tea Wares Museum, and, almost immediately, it was regarded as the best tea house in town. In 2007, LockCha started a joint venture with Fujian Tea Research Institute, China, to open a new factory in Fu An, Fujian Province. This factory controls and tests the pesticide and harmful residues level to ensure safe and good quality teas are provided to LockCha.

The company also sells and develops tea wares of its own design in the past years. Now the company has several workshops in China in special commissioned bases for the production of Yixing zisha teapots, Jingdezhen porcelain wares, Swatow porcelain wares and earthen wares. So the company can accept orders from customers, either on retail or wholesales business.

In 2001, the company also started its first music programme to allow customers to enjoy both music and tea. The programme gained its popularity quickly in the community and has received high recognition among tea and music lovers. Currently, there are two music programme running on a weekly basis.

The meaning of “LOCK” (樂) is happiness, enjoyment, fortune. Simply speaking, LockCha wants our customers to enjoy a good tea happily and easily. Our concept of good tea is: 1. Delicious; 2. Healthy; 3. Value-worth; 4. Good-hearted. Therefore, LockCha sends experts to small farms to source and import teas directly; have a laboratory to directly control tea safety; spends least on packing frills; and LockCha posts no advertisements in order to make our teas money worth. Furthermore, LockCha encourages and helps tea farmers to conserve, develop, and produce authentic good quality tea. We take pride in our best attention to be environmental friendly and fair-trading.

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Man Shing Industrial Building Suite 1601, 307-311 Castle Peak Rd, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

Booking: +852 2801-7177

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Email: info@lockcha.com

Mr. Wing-Chi IP Lock Cha Tea Shop Ltd – founder

Mr. Ip is a renowned expert in the fields of tea and Yixing teapot with more than 30 years of experience. He is currently the Guest Professor of Shuren University and TianfuTea College, Executive Director of World Tea Union, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Tea Association, Consultant of Fujing Tea Culture Institute and Yunnan Tea Association.