Welcome to LockCha, we search and serve good true tea for your cup!

Thank you for your patronage of Lockcha. We hope you enjoy the delicious drink and the moments of relaxation and peace it brings. Tea is everywhere in China, but good tea is rare. It depends on the plantation, the environment, the climate and the dedication to quality of the tea farmers. So much of patience and care is involved that it has been taken nearly as an art. Lockcha has been passionate about its mission to search in remote areas to find the finest teas. Our philosophy for a good tea is simple: delicious, healthy, authentic and worth the money. All our teas are carefully selected by our experts and packed for your greatest enjoyment. However, tea is just part of the fun, your heart is also shared when making a good brew. A reading of this Web site, we hope, will be helpful and bring you much pleasure. Please enjoy!

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Founded in 1991, LockCha opened its first small tea retail shop in Shatin, Hong Kong and was soon to establish its name in providing good quality tea and service to the community. As at that time, most of the traditional tea shops were basically controlled by Chaozhou (Swatow) people who imported their teas from the China national import and export corporations, which was an average tea blended to different grades, and then they re-roasted them in Hong Kong . However, it was far from satisfaction for tea lovers and connoisseurs. Lock Cha Tea Shop aimed to provide teas directly from the tea farmers and selected tea carefully under the personal supervision of its founder, Mr. Ip Wing-chi. Its unblended, pure, single-harvest, estate tea concept gained the recognition of the customers and developed rapidly. Now it consists of two retail shops in Hong Kong and one joined company Lock Cha America in United States.